Monday, 23 June 2008

Beautiful-Bag is in!

So this is another quality product brought in from Netherlands. It so cool and can be personalised with any graphic or picture of your choice. The quality is superb! The only downside is, the production takes about 1 months before it reaches your home ;)

Thursday, 17 April 2008

A cup of coffee on Mother's Day morning

Thinking of my mother at the moment...that inspire me to create these coffee mugs. My mother is not a coffee drinker though, but I'm trying to create some beautiful designs special for Mother's Day. Enjoy the morning breeze with a cup of coffee...
They're available for purchase at

Friday, 11 April 2008

New concept and new look for Rockeelicious

We are developing our own label. Recently we have also created the new look and feel for Rockeelicious website. Shown is our new front page created from our in-house studio.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Friday, 15 February 2008

My newest flyer for Heavenly Truffles by Rockeelicious

I can't leave my baking passion behind. The other day I was invited to The Wicked Mum's of Melbourne picnic and I thought I want to make some truffles special for them. I did and glad that they really love them. One of the photo taken I used in my newly Heavenly Truffles by Rockeelicious's flyer.

I would love to commercialized Heavenly Truffles by Rockeelicious one day but for now I would rather focus on my online shop; although I have a huge responsbility to finish my PhD first!! Sounds like I'm a greedy woman yea, but to my self they are my passion and most importantly they would surely secure my life and family in future. Yes, I can earn lots of money with my highly education, but earning money by myself, with my talent and will.

Here's my newly flyer design for Heavenly Truffles by Rockeelicious.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008


ROCKEELICIOUS was named based on our passion for music and our sweet tooth addiction to chocolate! Just like the principle of chocolate - evil food but temptingly delicious! Therefore, we have selected punk and rock 'n' roll products coupled with chocolaty persona as the theme of Rockeelicious.
Rockeelicious was created to offer a wonderful shopping experience to our customer. We focus on products that is practical, colourful and unique in their designs. brings you colourful styles from babies to daddies. Products are hand-picked with thoughts featuring aspect of cheerful colour scheme, unique and practical in their design and function. We try to be minimal in stocking brand to really choose products with high quality.

Visit for details.

Rockeelicious Cakes

ROCKEELICIOUS CAKES is specialise in chocolate truffles, mini upside-down chocolate cakes & traditional cupcakes made using fine Belgium chocolate. We made by order and currently can be delivered to local area in Melbourne Australia only. For closer experience visit

Rockeelicious Designs

ROCKEELICIOUS DESIGNS is my soul. Although this is not my main business, however I do accept freelance job focusing on corporate designs & branding such as logo creation, business cards or known as Graphic Identity. Graphic Identity is important as it communicates your ideas and philosophy through logos, typefaces, colors, stationery, and etc. Design service includes:

. Logo creation
. Business cards
. Invitation card
. Stationeries - envelopes, letter head, note pad, calender, brochure
. Design consultations - Design & idea visualisations .

Business Websites:

Networking sites:

Personal Websites and Gallery: